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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 24, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, under attack. 2d c police officers shot in thes h line of duty.uty. the suspect dead at the scene. e it comes a mid one of the mosths violent nights in the nation's capitol so far this year.ear. we have live team coverage andrd reaction from our one-on-one-on- with dc's acting police chief. republicans unite.. today president trump will speak at cpac triumphant return to thu stage for the first time sincete running for and winning the t white house.e house his message to conservatives asa he tries to unite the partyhe py behind him
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♪♪ the countdown to oscar. oar we are just two days away nowwaw from the academy awards and kevin says the race could stills be wide open. open this morning kevin shares hisreh annual list of who will win and who should win. first, though, mother nature turning the page. page yesterday the 70s. ♪♪ today almost 80. >> ♪♪ how long will the record setting winter weather last? l? good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ and tomorrow the 90s.he >> i know. kno [ laughter ]ught ] >> all of a sudden it's mida sui august in d.c. it's 9:01 right now on thisn thi friday february 24th i'm steveteve chenevey alongside holly,ly maureen and wisdom.sdom. >> we got lots to talk abouto ta this morning including thinkdini you're eating healthy with that banana for breakfast think again it turns out if you want to live longer, you're already
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when it comes to your trouts ans veggie intake.ggie i we'll have a look at how you hou should be snacking coming up. >> first though let's talk abouo this amazing weather, because ww could actually be back in recorr territory today.terr we are talking aboitutbo temperatures pushing 80 degreese that's why allison and tucker te are taking advantage of the o te winter break. they are hitting up an early outdoor happy hour with one off the best views in the city. cit we'll check in with them ahhe little later.lile l first, though, mike thomas is here with a first check on thenh weekend forecast.cast. hey, mike.ike >> what a weekend it -- what a t day it will be first half of the ekend.d. then things are changing afternr that. get outside if you're able to d what tucker and allison areon a doing and playing hookie get outside enjoy it.outsid records are possible. we could well indeed, you know k we get enough we can ease dollar 80 degrees i don't think ever been able to say for t ihe don h of february.eby. temperatures already in the 60se here in washington.hing 60 degrees right now in manassas is at 62.2. dulles at 60. winchester 61. martinsburg 62.
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rise as we roll through the next couple of hours.f ho things are really going to start heat up we'll be in the 70she 7 before you know younow satellite/radar outside rightda now it's quiet.r now it's there's lots of sunshine out qut there. we'll have couple of clouds from time to time. that's about it. the ntheck kind of weather feata we'll talk about this cold frono that could give us a chance ofhe severe thunderstorms as we rolll through your we will talk about all of thatha coming up in just a little bit b want to end here with highs forr today. just look at them and kind of bask in the glory. thelory. 77 degrees your day heim high hi here in washington.shi 75 for fredericksburg and againa with enough sun, we could beou even warmer than that.n all right. more details on that weekendnd coming up in just a bit. bit. now, back over to the good day.. >> breaking news involving a police involved shooting this i howard county.nty. it happened in the 7200 block of off and on crossing lane that'sa in clarksville suspects parentee wanted by police.olice. tried to hit an officer with hih car. the officer fired at the drivere striking the man. man the officer was not hurt thenote suspect in critical but stable
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co police officers recovering after being shot late last night inn northeast. both officers are expected to be ay.y. we just heard from acting chiefe peter newsham their prognosis is good.go. melanie alnwick joins us liveve from med star hospital withpita where the officers are recovering with more on thisnhi story. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys.y.ter: tinggu cyshief newsham knows tha he did come here to washingtonho hospital center after he lefthe the scene last night to visitigs with these officers. said he spoke with them one wasw getting treated for the gunshott wound. the other who came out of surgery waited he was after outo of surgery to speak with them.i. tried to get little bite b information from them aboutbo exactly what went down, nothing dc police department is willing to release to the media just yet. but what dough know that these officers were in that trip dadtr neighbor in the area of morris and holbrook streets.k reet northeast around 10:45 last noto because there were gunshots ineg the area earlier in the day. d now these two officers in
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form are part of what they call a crime suppression unit, andn they are there specifically thee chief said to try to he recover illegal fir arms.l we do not know what exactly ledl to the exchange of gunfire or o who shot first, but we do know k that from what we heard from fro officers there may have been ana arrest in progress and that ishs when the gunfire began, and again, two officers shot but shu also the suspect shot and killee as everyone was rushed here to the hospital.tal. the suspect dead on arrivalarri here. the two officers one went intoen surgery. one treated for those gunshott wounds. wo again we were told they were inn the lower part of the body.y. the abdomen, lower abdomen orowd the leg, and they are expectedd to be all right.ig there were some questions alsons though, guys, about exactly why did d.c. police rush their ownwn in police cruisers here to theet hospital rather than waiting foi the ambulance.b the suspect was taken here by ambulanc
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here on the scene.ce. but one of things that the chiei said to us is, it's not the best practice admitting that, butut also saying that it was reallyy just a just call on the part off the colleagues of thosese officers.cers you got to understand that when one of your colleagues is shot, your very first instinct to gett them to help as quickly as possible.ib. certainly he said that isnl something they'll be looking ate inoo the wkihole scope of thisfs investigation. live at med star hospital, i'mt, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks, mel. even before the police shooting the district had>> befd already been rocked by violencee with three shootings in lessn l than two hours.ours. they happened within half mile e from each other along wheeler wr road in the congress heightss hs area. our annie yu is live now from dc police headquarters with thewi e la.est. annie? >> reporter: hey, good morningd to all of you. oyou. yeah, we heard acting chief chif peter newsham tell fox5 earlieri this morning that when we see we the temperatures get warmer, wew tend to see more crime andme conflict on the streets, andee that's exactly what we saw playa
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days. it was a very violent night yet again last night in ward eightwt southeast. wednesday and thursday there have been multiple shootingsandb just last night there were three separate shootings, four victims total.l we're told this morning those t four victims are expected toectd survive but this video thatha you're looking at, this is fox5 cameras capturing two of the ofe three shootings from last nightt and this is basically what residents there are too familiar seeing. living in that section.tion. the first call came in atcall cn 6:00 o'clock in the evening. it the last one just before befe 8:00 o'clock and so thethe shootings happening in two-houro span about half a mile apart along wheeler road in theoad congress heights area.ress it was very active scene as youo can see. multiple officers on the scene. mpd chopper in the air and k9 units scowering the area for any evidence and suspects and such.c so as of this morning, dc policl telling us that there have beenb no arrestings made and that tha they're still investigating this. but very violent night in that a section. we also spoke to some leaders oo that
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paul tran psalm as well as wardw eight council tray i don't know white both telling us outspoken that they are highly concernedel aboulitng the ce rime thehire ae want some action being done. d we asked dc police what is beini done, and they say they are t a going to be redeploying officerr to that particular section ofeco ward eight. e at's the very latest here from dc police headquarters. back to you in the studio. the . >> annie, thanks. 9:08.9: la night's violence came after mayor bowser nominated peterer newsham as acting chief the chi police depth. earlier this morning with spokee with the acting chief more one o violence in the city and what h needs to defer violent crime asa the leader of the >> you have to look at theave effectiveness of your police poc department, and some of thent, e measure that is you look to as you look whether or not they'ree having impact on violent crime f we use last year as an example,, we certainly did have an impactc on violent crime.rime. you see if your police department is responsive.nse. go to a lot of community meetings around the city by and large i'm hearing
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comments about the way ouray o officers are empathetic and responsive to the needs of thent community. you may want to look at responss times and how quickly ouruick o officers get to the scene when an emergency happens. hapns i can tell you we had multipletl officers on the scene of thatha incident that we had last nightt and i say all that to say whenaw you're evaluating your police department those are the measures you want to lookment a. >> of course his tile has gone from interim police chief tohi t acting police chief.e chief he still needs to be confirmedom by the d.c. council to be in in fact the police chief. all right. right to town the president's first f 100 days now. n president trump is set to takeut center stage at the cpac takingn place at national harbor.l harb plus, we're hearing now from ono of the most controversial figures in the administration as steven bannon who has emerged as powerful force behind many trump initiatives.tive fox5's bob bar far live at theit event now with more. bob?b? >> reporter: maureen, standingin room only in this ballroom hereh at the gaylord hotel at nationao harbor.or donald tru
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he just tweeted going cpac. cpa he's expected to speak at 10:200 so sometime during the next hout and we on fox5 will have thatt for you in its entirety.. as we heard from a woman who wew interviewed in our last hour atr republican she says she has lott of republican neighbors who aree never trauma pers. not those in that many this room today. >> net no.>> >> reporter: donald trump isp appeared at the conservativeserv gathering known as cpac before r but never like his anticipated a return today.. as president.sident still perhaps more fascinatingag for trump's supporters and detractors was the appearanceeac yesterday of top trump aid steven bannon major force behind trump's policies who rarely rar speaks in public and he did nott hold back. >> if you think they're going tt give you your country back bac without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. >> bannon spoke specificallypeci about a battle against officiala washington where federalonre f agencies and workers have a massedoo
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>> the way the progressive leftt runs is they can't get it passed, they'll put in it some sort of regulation in an agencyy that's all going to beo deconstructed. >> reporter: to that end todaytd the president is expected tote t sign a new executive order to reform and presumably lead tod o the scaling back of regulations. another major move as the whitei house continues to face a numbee of issues this morning.orni the associated press nowssow reporting that chief of staff of reince priebus spoke to the fbi asking the bureau to defense the administration from a report rot allegedly contacts betweenetwe campaign officials and russia.. that will fire up democrats. but cpac today it's aboutsbo uniting conservative republicans and even some trump sceptic onpo the right see an opportunity.. >> some have trouble about the e trade issue and the protection i issue. but for many conservatives, itt was kind of homecoming. >> reporter: now presidentresint trump is tweeting about theboutt russian investigation t
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morning. he is writing here, the fbi is totally unable to stop the the national security leaker that ii have permeated our governmentovr for a long time. they can't even find the leakk kearse within the fbi itself. classified information is beingb given to media that could have a devastating affect on the u.s. find now. ". >> that investigation nationalon security immigration tax reformf some of the things, guys that ww expect president trump to speake about here at cpac this morning and again he's scheduled to to speak at 10:20.0:20 we'll have it here for you on fox5, guys? g >> all right.>> a thank you. yes, again we'll carry the carre president's speech live when iti happens during good day.ay. meanwhile, backlash is still growing from that transgenderge bathroom caitlin jenner one of theone advocates now speaking out.ut she called the reversal a disaster.sast meanwhile president trump wantsd to make sureen u.s. nuclear nucr arsenal is at the top of the back -- top of the pack sayingky u.s. has fallen behind in its weapon capacity
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plus the white house says the te justice department will step upp enforcement of federal law against recreational marijuanaar it's the strongest indication in today to date of a looming crack down on the drug.g all right.> l right still to come uniting the musicc the world through music comingin up a little later the stars ofto the viral my black is beautifulf video will join us live for aor special >> first though the secret to aa longer healthier life. life. why you should definitely addely nor fruits and veggies to yourir diet and some simple ways tos make sure you get the recommended serving with a witha sample breakfast, lunch andh dinner.dier. time right now now 9:1 back in a moment.
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♪♪ >> in your childhood you heard h eat your fruits and veggies.and. >> if do you there are major health advantaging.antaging how much is enough exactly forlr details we turn to our residentn leaf eater and healthy eating eg expert wisdom martin.. >> who eats a pizza daily.i >> that's right. you have to also>> eat greens,en also eat butter beans, english i peas. i eat all that stuff.tu. >> right alongside your y snickers. >> all about balance. you got to have everything in al it a. have ev i eat fruit, pineapples.pples. you got to have it all.t hav now here's the thing.he thing if you're getting by with banann
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slices on your sandwich you'ree doing it all wrong.ll wro. experts now say you should get g ten serves of fruits andes of fr vegetables a day and if youui dd you can live longer and and healthier life.r lif so what does ten servings a dayy look like? here's some samplee meals.s >> reporter: for years we've w been told to eat our fruits anda vegetables but a new study upsps the anti.nti. finding that we canwean significantly reduce our risk oo disease if we can consume ten t servings of fruits andgs of frud vegetables a day.vege so how easy is it? to get to ten? >> in the study from the school of public health imperialeria college london eating those ten servings meant lowering your risk of heart disease by 24%. and lowering your risk of strokk by they%. among other benefits.. and registered dietician rachele says getting to ten is easiersie than you may think.hink. >> so here's what ten servingses of fruits and vegetables looksos like.. >> starting with >> this
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and this would be great to adddd to a smoothie. smohi this is also two servings of fruit right here.fruight this is one cup of grapefruitpei juice. what about a snack? we'llju hah apple for lunch, how about a this is really easy and we can c add anything to it. to i what we're looking at right herr is actually two servings ofvingf vegetables. >> wire in the mood for anotherh snack. how about serving of drieding od fruits. fr that's just one quarter of a cup. >> that is entire serving of o dried fruit? you see why it'shi not so hard to get ten servings. >> now we're on to dinner. this might be nice vegetableegee side that you could eat withat h your meal and what we're looking at here is a half a cup of of steamed or bake broccoli and some raw peppers.pers >> boom. >> 10 servings and we're done. d >> so get to ten and bone appetite. can you just put it all on n piece of pizza. >> yeah. >> or hamburger put it
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hamburger you're good to go. >> throw it fall a blender make one heck of a smoothie.mohi isn't leave the hamburger out oo the smoothie. e gee get it. servings are small.. >> 9:19. still ahead we're checkingheckin what's making headline.e. we'll do that thanex erin what you got.hat yogot >> the cleanup is complete at bed bug infested dc school.. bad news for victoria secretseet angels.gels what could be the wor facialorsa hair in baseball last lee. >> thanks, erin watch it takes to make it in the modelingodin we'll sit down with local runway star who to talk about her new n boot camp. cp. 9:19 is our time receipt now.ip. you're watching good day d.c.
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>> look at them. a sign of the day right -- assignment of the >> look at the wind whipping through allison's hair.. >> like she's in parade wavingaa to her friends. >> her driver looks littleite sketchy. >> he's working hard to get his five star driver review. >> we'll check with those guys y at 9:30. they're heading out to have t little fun this morning.le >> i think they're alreadyhi t having fun. >> tell you what convertiblevele kind of day. 9:22 erin is back with the the headlines this morning.orning >> malaysian officials sayff chemical weapons were used to kill the half brother of north korea leader kim jong-un. two women rubble the x nerve agent on
9:23 am
week.we police say one of them did get d sick after carrying out theing t attack. authorities plan too decontaminate that area of the e airport. two kansas a triple shootinn inside of a bar. bar. leaving one man man dea two others injured after theft t alleged gunman reportedly tolddd two of the victims who were froe india to quote get out of myf m country.y authorities have not classifiedf it has a hate crime but federald law enforcement officials are looking into whether it was bias the suspect is facing firstinfis degree murder an tempted murderr charges.. back here at home officialsa at savoy elementary school say y the school will reopen thishi monday cleaning crews have beene hard at work cleaning the school after an on-going rodent and bed bug problem. caused savoy to shut down nearlt three week ago much students dec were bus to do nearbyh st ferebb hope elementary school whilelhie cleaning was underway. well it looks like shopperss fell out of love with victoriaa secret on valentine's day. day the company warned that sales
9:24 am
investors hearts a flame. a fla in fact they say store sales s could plunge 20% this monthhison compared to a year ago.go officials say part of the bighe decline is due to the fact thata victoria secret killed off ad o swim wear line last may. and finally, with baseballal spring training officiallying fc underway, one player alreadyea striking out at least on twit. tampa bay ray colby gettingting blasted on social media after hr showed up to training with this rasmuss says he was surprised t hear the backlash saying itg doesn't grow well above hiselab upper lip and he liked how it lo.k. but he did cave under all the backlash you might think so. tampa bay rays posted this photo on wednesday showing nice cleanc shaven rasmuss. ras what a big difference without wo the beard. d.c. stranger no stranger to danny espinosa showed up to to spring station a couple years
9:25 am
he shaved it off but claimed itd wasn't his decision to do so. because he got pressure to geto are you rid of mustache.ustache. i say danny wins prize there.he pretty impressive guys.e >> danny showed up way full swew beard. they go to spring training. tin. they let all the facial hairhair grow in the off season.ow i teams are like that'n s when thy take the pictures on then the scoreboard all season long. lon >> right.. >> they're like, if that's the e look you have, that's whats wha you'll have all season.. >> at least it's a talker, talke right. >> you got it. thanks erin. still to come this morning at 9:25 nascar cup series kicks ofo this weekend biggest race of th season they do their super bowlb first up talking about theup taa daytona five hadn't dread rightr here on fox and this morning one of the sports biggest stars evee will join us live.s liv a preview with jeff gordon isors coming up. >> engine joy while it some changes are on the way. ote mike thomas will have details oo our forecast next.focast n >> fresh at 10a the countdown tt the academy awards.ward kevin is here to share his pickp for who win and who should winh on hollywood's big night.ig. plus, the first family o hiphop. stars of the bravo reality showo
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♪♪ you know who else is livingo the dream right now. ee dr >> allison and tucker.onnd t >> yes.>>. top down.n bruno mars cranked up.
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>> move over thelma and louise.. tucker and allison are on the roadway.adwa >> allison, is your uber drivere this morning?this morning [ laughter ]ughter >> oh, he was wonderful.ondeul. i give him five stars. sta >> very good.>> vod. >> you can take your seat belt e off. we're here. >> we just arr >> we just arrived.just aived >> i feel like i was a pretty py good driver, right.good driver,. >> you were excellent.ou wex >> you know it's something just amazing about being able to putt the top down in the car in c i february. >> the sun literally we cannot take these off or else we'd be b giving you this today. tay >> right. >> it's so nice and sunny out nc here.e .> gorgeous out here we are exploring the city. we like to go on field trips and allison where are we?? we're aa the water gate. beautiful water gate. gorgeous foggy bottom area thert park was a wonderful ride todayd i must say and you were a good d driver. we're going to the top of the gate .g to t >> we're going to the top of the gate. there's a bar that opened a t fe months ago.go. i've never been.veer b it's supposed to have not onlyol great cocktails but one of the e best views in all of washingtonn >> are we going take in a littll boat? good we'll take a littlel of both here coming up.
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>> that's what we're doing. what are you doing?what are >> did you see a lot of p yeopll as you were driving down you can tell people are enjoying theghe weekend early? >> actually we saw a lot of dc working, didn't we? >> yeah. >> we saw a lot of constructionn stfolks. >> a lot of people working.orng. i do have feel a lot of people o jogging and just kind off leisurely moving along that that maybe today people cut outday po little early. >> hopefully at the very least a if they're driving to work they're doing with the windowsto down, right? >> i'm just curious.ious. what kind of car is itht >> i'm car guy.>> i'muy >> can we back up a little bit to see here.ere. >> i mean we're styling andlingd profiling. >> whoa!! >> yeah, we did. >> nice. n >> yeah. >> we don't like to brag but,, yeah.. >> it's not either of our cars. >> all right. a you're in it right now.llre in g >> you just got to know peopleno that got the goods.. >> not a fox star either. ehe >> you're right about that. >> good >> exactly
9:31 am
y hopefully with great views. >> yes. >> yup. >> top of the gate we go.e gate. >> have fun.un >> see you guys from the top. t. let's check in with mikehik thomas get a look what'set a los happening outside at least it's' nice enough to have the top down today, mike.ike. >> absolute. reporting mostly cloudy skiesmot down at airport but you just saw in tucker'lyt sbu live lot lotsf blue skies not a lot of clouds.d temperatures already in the 60ss although probably even a littlet bit above that already. aeady and here's where we're heading g through the day today expectingg a big jump next hour up into tht mid 60s and off we go into the e 70s this afternoon.ernoon. if you're able to do what tuckee is doing and get outside and ene joe it do so this afternoon oncc you get off work. w what's all this warmth doing our february temperatures? we arere the second warmest of all time m and we think by the time theim t weekend is done, we're going tog have the warmest february we'vee ever seen here in d.c. and we're already a top threeope warmest winters.inrs if you're blow the age of 85 degrees all all right the warmest winter you've he have al seen herenter y in waou'vshingt. let's talk about the weekendeekd though.ou we have low pressure system kine of working sys up through the gt la
9:32 am
saturday will start warm.ay wstr it will be very warm start to sa the day tomorrow.the day tomorr. we'll get up into the 70s durinr the early afternoon.on. one more time then we'll have pretty strong cold front that t will swing through and bring usa the opportunity for somee afternoon thunderstorms onms o saturday.tu here's kind of what we're kind plplanning. 12:30 in the afternoon there it is for those ofer younoon livin the west along i81 kind of when storms will be rumbling through your neighbor. 4:00 o'clockheum hour.hour. that's kind of prime time hereof in d.c. b put you can see how tt the line is. it will be quick mover off andef gone and out of here we may do d clearing behind it but the winds will pick up. we'll have stronicgk winds tomo night and you see even some snoo flurries flying in the mountains well out to the west there. that's colder air spilling back into our so again that's kind of what yoa can expect for sunday. temperatures 20 to 25 degreesgre cooler than they will be one on saturday. so you will feel that difference. kind of late winter early spring here. we'll have these up and down.n. be prepared for that sunday and monday definitely on the def chillier side after a day like 77 degrees. partly cloudy. cloud if we are
9:33 am
above, it will be a new record r high for today with winds cominc up out of the south bringing ini all of that warmth.mth. tonight even very very warm. re degrees. clouds will be building throughh the overnight hours though.houg here's look at your fox5 accucc weather seven day forecast.ast. one more day of 70 after thishi one. 73 tomorrow. watch out for thunderstorms during the afternoon bringingerg gusty winds. they knock us back down into tht lower 50s on sunday. then we warm it up into nextto n week. 65 on tuesday.ay up near 70 again next wednesdayy as we start march. march all right. rig. that's check of the forecast.foa steve, i'll sent it over to yout >> mike, thanks so much. muc 33.3. the wait is almost over noror nascar fans like myself the cupc series kicks off this weeknd wed with the biggest race of the t year the daytona 500 right herhr on fox this morning we'reng we' getting a sneak feek from ak oma couple of people who know a kno thing or two racing at daytona and and racing in general. joining us kevin harvick andarck jeff gordon. gor jeff, good to see you again. ag. i know you come up to d.c. to.c visit us here in the past. kevin, welcome to good day dc.c.
9:34 am
forecast almost 80 degrees ingri d.c. today.oday. so i think we have the florida weather here and you're avoidino the rain down that which is good news for sunday. >> we have have been battling bn the rain but we've gotten allten the races. races we had one delay with the clash it ended up being durinheg thegt daytime like the daytona 500 and what a race it was. weather is looking good for sunday and kevin and these guys will be slide aig round which ig going to make my job a rnd his j a lot of fun.. >> we'll talk about both of youu jobs. i know as a late night lastas night for everybody.t for everyb so we appreciate the eodarly sts this morning. kev, let me ask you this. ts. you and jeff have combined tonet win this race four times now you've each wouldn't it.dn't it. having this as kind of the super bowl of nascar the first raceirr out of the gate, when you win w that, and you win the biggestget race in week one, what does thaa do for the rest of the season? how do you still get pumped upet after that? >> well, it's pretty easy to get pumped up.pu i can tell that you.ou. sometimes it's almost -- itt almost is a distract i think ask you go into the nex
9:35 am
weeks, because there's so many n obligations that come with beini the daytona 500 champion. your team is on high.n high. but you have to go right backigk into racing. but i would still not tradeotrae winning the daytona 500 for a00f couple of weeks of distractions, but it's definitely the biggeste race in our sport.r port and to win the daytona 500 is putting your names next to the greatest names that have everve come through nascar racing on that harley j. earl trophy.l trh they're nothing like coming doww to daytona but there's no otherh race on our schedule like the le daytona 500, and coming to the t green flag as driver with all of that hype and all thatd tha anticipation and being out of oo the car over the winter and coming to that green flag hereer is like no other. oer so i'm excited just talkingt t about it. >> yeah. me too. >> kevin, when you won the firsr thought that crossed your mind when you goted that ycheckereoe flag, what was it?? >> oh, man. we just won the daytona 500 and beat one of the greats in ournur sport mark martin by about 2 feet. so, you know, that's usually ual
9:36 am
i think last year we had thehe closest finish with danny hamlii in daytona 500 history that'sha really where our sport is today. it's all tra competitive.peve you never know what's going to happen down here. i know the year that i wonhapp n 2007, i think we were 30th with 12 or 15 lapse to go and td come back and within the race. r you never know what's going tong happen. it seems like the crazy crazy yesterday things happen downth here at this partiincular race,, but it's very entertaining toint watch and be a part of for sure. >> jeff, one insider questionue then we'll get to fun stuff butb for the inside the hard coreardc fans like myself what are wet ae going to see different this timm around i know we have rules ru changes.chan how might that impact the racehc on sunday. >> i'm excited about some of the changes happened over the offheo season with 2017 nascar season.. we've got the daytona 500 and 5a all the races this year will beb broken down into three stages. e so basically, lap 60 the daytona 500, a caution will come out. slow down competition, give the crew chiefs
9:37 am
which is going to put little bit more intense pressure on the drivers as well, and we're going to do that, you know, then do td that again at lap 120 and then e we'll go to the end with an 80 8 lap stretch and with the racing we've seen already and the t points that come along with thaa these drivers are not just going to that stage for that caution.. there's points to be awarded not only within the race it givest g them more incentive throughoutou race but for the entire season o the regular season they're going to be accumulating points thatsa are going to matter for our playoff system later in the r year. so these drivers are going to be pushing hrsar ader. the crew chiefs are going to bee laying out their strategy, and a have more pressure on them thana i think we've ever had in theeri history of the sport.of the spo >> jeff, you're doing thef, your analysis right now.analysis r kevin you'll be doing guest guet analysis this season as well. so we look forward to shis eeing both of you many talk about racing.raci when it comes to tv. owe want to ask you something io liked to a little thing with ouo guests called hour accurate is your wickipedia.kipea. jeff, i'll start with you.h you started
9:38 am
when you were five years old and you had won 35 races and set s five track records by the age of six. is that accurate? >> i would say that's accurate.e >> when did you get your actualt driver's license, jeff? >> i was 16.6. [ laughter ]laught ] >> so you had won -- w - >> maybe 15 and a half.haf >> you already won hundreds of f races by then.ras by t kevin i know you started out as well in carting and very youngng young age.g a let me ask you this.ask you this if this is accurate.. you had plans before turning tog racing full time of going tooino college as an architecturetectur major? accurate or not? >> that is very accurate.ccat that lasted about six weeks andd i realized i was going to be tob very bored. very bor [ laughter ][ >> last thing i want to you guys because we have these go carto a tracks around here you can go c high end. hi i want to take some of the guysy here from fox out to the track a but i want to beat them all forr myself and everybody at home,om, give me some simple tips too winning the go cart hard into the turns? accelerate out. out. ? how can i beat my my competition.
9:39 am
practice and don't tell thenk tl [ laughter ][ laug ] >> that way you have anav a advantage. just start there.tarthere spend a little extra time goingg to practice. >> i never saw this car before.f this should be fun. [ laughter ]ught ] >> you guys are great.are grat kevin you'll make a great gat analyst. good luck with that. you'll do xfinity raises thiss year. jeff we look forward to seeingee and hearing both you guys onou o sunday. good luck kevin in the race asea well. >> thank you. .> thank you >> daytona 500 coming outpatienn sun dawn. sun a couple good guys there. there. as far as nascar royalty kevin n harvick is one of the best in b the game.e 128 wins, five championships ana four daytona 500 victories vries between them. >> is it is that a restrictedice race.ra. >> talk the lingo. >> first time i was ever down a daytona and i walk on the track, the bank on that track -- youcko can't imagine.t imag you can't see that on tv.n t it's incredible.ncredi >> all right. we got to move on and we are right now calling all models mol coming up we've got a pro in the loft today.ay
9:40 am
strutting the runway come true.. guess what? she is holding boot camp to help you tou first we'll find what it takes s to cut it in the cut throat thrt world of modeling.g. ♪♪ we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. mmm... i can't believe it's so delicious. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy.
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ds than cable, including the jd power award for highest customer satisfaction r the fourth year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet, on the most awarded network. get this amazing offer: 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> our next guest a full figured model who knows how to strike the perfect pose and totly
9:43 am
she is dubbed as theknows t posd the plus size naomi campbelll we're talking baltimore'stimo actress and super model laris ls cross who is a pioneer for fulll figured women in the fashionmen industry. she's been featured in magazinez like american vogue, essence,sse cosmo toll pan, vibe, lanee, l bryant and more and next weekene she will be hosting a two-day td workshop called life of aop cal working modelli boot camp where she'll be explaining how theexpg secrets how to break into thew o fashion industry. before that happens, guess whaaw she's going to dish on herner career and show us how to work the runway.wa it's so great to see you. seeou. >> thank you so much for having memu. >> congratulations on all your u success. >> thank you. >> you truly obviously you'relyr gorgeous but such a role model for so many young >> thank you. >> how did you ever get startedt doing >> i started from a conventionon called models search america and they are a no longer around butt they are the ones who first ones introduced me to my agency which was will mean in a models.el i went on to be with them for aa decade and i'm now representednt by ipm model dorothy combs combs
9:44 am
miami, new york and uk.. >> we're bombarded with all wit these pictures of super thin tn women and all of that. what made you think, you know what, i am beautiful.if i can do this and i'm going to make my mark? m >> i had an mazing father whohew always told me i was beautiful.. >> listen to that, parents, outo there. say that again.y ga >> i had amazing father whor w always told me i was beautiful and i think fathers are very important to instill self-esteem in their daughters, their sons, and i just had a dream and i sas how my parents had dreams andam goals and they went after it. so i just i didn't take no foror an answer even though i got told, hey you shall lose weighte and you should do this, youshoud shall do that. i just knew i was going to find my niche and work it, and i'vee been now modeling for overr decade. >> how cut throat is it? cuthro? >> oh, it's very cut throat. thr you have people who say meany an stuff to you. y this is the thing. models were always couldn't c stanley unemp
9:45 am
you work off of a set you're yoe unemployed again.employ aga >> >> so every time we go to aery catisting or an audition, it'sii like going -- me going to job interview. so every week i have a job week interview to meet a new client n and hope that they book >> that's interesting i neverrer really thought of it that wayhaw that societily makes sense. sene >> yes. you're having this boot camp. th y >> dell me waits, who it's forot want people will get out of it.i >> live avenue working modelod boot camp has been around ford three years i'm excited because i've had soh many women across the countrynt who have just asked me how do i get into modeling or i've beenn doing some modeling locally inai my area.mya. how can i get better? how can c reach that next level? i'm thaa person who can give you that break through. i can tell you my tips.s. i have two classes which i have -- which are the master mas class and the perfection sim pose yum. the master class is the how of o modeling i do a panel and a runway class and then the perfection in posing you get ini front of the cam ran shoe i'man telling was do you right, what t you do wrong, some people like to call
9:46 am
top model but in person. >> okay.y we'll walk because i want to yoy teach me how to walk the runwayn before we actually do the runwan walk, give me the perfect tip tp take a perfect picture like the posing.sing. >> well, i find that a lot of al people don't know how to take aa great selfie because they don'tn know how to find their light. lt like right now i'm finding mydim light.lit. >> um-hmm. >> you can almost feel it on you. a >> um-hmm.lmon >> and once you find your lighth your picture already looks better because your lighting isi great. that's number one.grthat numbern number two, when youe. bring you chin down it slims your face aic bit and brings out your featuree so when you're like this or --r- >> hmm okay.>> hy. >> when you bring it down. >> bringing my chin down.ow isn't a little sultry.ttle stry. a little smoldering and alsols contours and slims your face. >> all let's talk about walk>> alling. >> walking. >> what do i do? w walking. the best thing is posterior.teri always want to have great wan posture so you don't want to bto slummed over.slumme you want those shoulders you want to start from -- irom - usually like to have one leg out in front.inront.
9:47 am
>> with my stance.>> wmy s and then i lead with that leg. and i take strides so that way y when you take the longer your y stride the more your hips swayi which is very sexy. >> all right i'm going to tryhtm it. get off my catwalk.wa here we go. shoulders back.k. >> let's see. .> my leg is up all ♪♪ >> little bit longer stride. >> i can't take longer.onge >> good. good >> you are looking lood [ laughter ] >> you are looking good. looki o you make it look effort less.ors i was trying dzhokhar.okha i'm going to pose.g ose. congratulations.tu >> thank you in continuednk success. >> thank you. what, know what, you are more u beauartiful on the inside thay even are on the outside whichdei says a lot because you're droped dead gorgeous.or >> thank you. >> walk. i'm following. >> make sure you registeri'm o live of a working model bootoo there we go. >> all right. allht. >> a
9:48 am
>> and back into the loft with a vengeance. back to you all.o you >> and walk.. and strut.anstru and walk and strut. >> i'm finding my light. [ laughter ] fin >> and the guys are walkingalng behind me with purpose, fellas,a with purpose! >> okay. i can do a tease like this. lik. where is my light? okay. okay. 9:48 is the time.time. coming up, changing the world through music.througsic. members of the viral singersin movement joining us live in thee loft next. don't miss it.lo it will ben' great. great. you guys can pose, too. too okay, you guys, pose.e. singers pose.ose. that's it. is a shaye chante. work.
9:49 am
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♪♪ >> talented singers make up thee group the singers movement the video was captured during one of their weekly improv jam sessionn hosted right here in the dmv showcases the singers passing aa object and singing
9:52 am
black and beautiful and more a r than 2 million, 2 million peoplo have watched it since it was itw posted on facebook. on cebo this morning a few members of ms the group stopped by the loft tf dish all about their movementboe and don't worry, we are goingirt put their improv skills to these test. test good morning to both of you. y good morning to all of you i y should say. but we're talking to deanna dea dixon and mitch moffett.fett >> yes. >> good to have you guys. >> thank you.oo >> how are you.d to you. thof know a lot of people are>> wondereopl wagon is the beginneb movement? >> well, actually the singers movement began as movement wet e started in his house just ten uu our close friends.ends. we wanted to inn createreate something where we could meet oo weekly basis and sing togetherth and connect all of the mostt amazing singers we can find. f >> like an open casting call sos to speak?to spe [ laughter ] >> it was friends, most of ourt friends know how to so it was just i was like invite your friends,, invite my friends. fends have fun. we came up with games. g >> we were busting at the seams. >> literally ten people and then every week those ten peopleeo brought more people.
9:53 am
album, to create -- there's a a movement. but what sort of movement are you talking about here?u >> well our ultilkmate goal is i unite music industry, um, singers, good singers arers a notorious for being divided, an, not really working together asoa we should.we we're more powerful as a unit au than we are individually.ll so we want to go around theund world, doing what you saw inou s that video and connecting all these talented people. people. >> it started in your place. >> yes. >> are you in the city now,e ciw country to country?ry? >> yes. >> how wide has this >> right now city to city.y >> seriously how wide has this movement gone. >> we have somebody even come our pace they're from thehey'reo bahamas they wanted tom watch u on fox d.c. so it's pretty >> shout out to the bahamas. >> we've had -- definitelyinitel international. we have people from sout africa. some someone from holland.m and. >> london. >> yes. >> wow if i wanted to be part ot this movement, a, do i need to know how to sing? is that the pre requisite. requi >> can i just show up and you know. isn't we'll put to you work. you show up we'll defin'litel
9:54 am
to you there's a place for everybody.dy >> we are going to do one off these jam sessions here before we do how can possible get apos hold of if you they're morereor interested in learning more m about the singers movement? >> you can found us on fiss book instagram, youtube at the t singers movement. >> um-hmm. >> hash tag also add us and find us there.. >> i watch youtube video.eo let me be honest some of thee o people who performed i was like, yeah. [ laughter ] >> okay.>> o but hey i can't sing so anyone e who can can you do dose to you. >> i'll give it back. back. the video i saw you were passing around a bottle of baby oil anda my black is beautiful and i think -- what was kind of walkk us through what is it if i gave you for instance goodo day dc mug what would you do with this? what's the -- what'a the game?the ga >> so, you take this -- this ist how you know it's your turn touo sing. when you have this in your hand. >> the object or whatever it is. >> better be ready to go. t >> i pass you the good day d.c.c mug. it's your's your tur are you ready to go. to >> you're on good day d.c. and. you'
9:55 am
our show.shw. >> okay. >> good day. good d >> good day.d day >> good day d.c..c >> good day d.c. >> okay. >> ready? sangers movement,emen take it away. ♪♪ today i flew in from anotherer lanta so i can sing with all ofo my family 'cause it's a brand new day and i said it's a good day. >> good day.y. >> that's a good day.ay >> good day.. >> oh, it's a good day. >> good day. gooday >> in d.c. >> yeah. >> all right. right >> it's a good day and so happyp to be alive. alive >> come on.n. >> hey. >> come on
9:56 am
>> ♪♪ i see so many beautiful things and i'm so grateful for this good day.ay >> good day.. >> it's a good day. >> i good day in d.c. ♪♪ >> sanger movement. we'll let them keep on singingng check them out. o they are hot on the web doing tg good things.gongs. congratulations, guys.lation guy keep singing.. we'll close the show with youw h guys. okay? ok >> good day. >> good day.>> gd da >> it's good day.ay >> worked for their mug you cang get yours for free it is coffeee time right now on good day d.c.d if you want the m
9:57 am
grabs. make sure to go to our websitetw or facebook page enter by 11am this morningg right now it's 9:56.6. the 10a is next. ♪♪ z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy
9:58 am
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♪♪ fresh at 10a a jam packedked show. this friday legends in the loft. lof the first family of hiphop hereh they're dishing about their newr reality show and all those those famous songs from sugar hill h records.res. >> rapper on the rise and he's look to go put the dmv on the map. live in the loft and getting set to perform get ready for noochie. >> plus it's oscar weekend. from predictions to spectacularc viewing we have it all forg you as gooo day at 10a starts
10:01 am
♪♪ >> oh, yeah. >> ♪♪ you ready.>>u >> yes. >> and action.>>ctio >> here you go. >> underway.way >> good day d.c. >> act one, seen one.seen one. >> all the movies you ca handle. >> this is our set up for big oscar party. our sos >> we havecar p aarn event plan, yeah. that will help us out. of course you can't have wil mom party without movie popcorn.corn good right.ight. >> right. this one of the many things. thg >> everybody get into their intr positions right we don't have all dayti. >> where is the catering truck?u >> i was going to say. >> craft services. craft s >> i got to run back to my trailer and get something.hi. i left it.t it. >> it's just an hour. hour. >> the reason you hear that son in the background because we're' going to hear from the people pl who were with the record compana who basically came up with this song. the originator of hiphop.pho yeah. there's a lot more than thatan t just that song. song. yeah. we'll talk to them coming upin u later. they got reality tv show. tv sho we'll talk all a
10:02 am
>> kind of like the next nex generation. >> i'm sorry.orry. >> cpac the president about to o spea.. we'll take through when itke tgw happens. 10:02. i'm steve alongside holly,olly maureen and wisdom. wis in the meantime, have you been e outside lately? latel >> have you looked outsideutde lately. >> if not go out now. >> please.leas take your -- stream us on yourn phone and go enjoy i it is beautiful.utul look at these two. two. >> lock at them.hem. >> wow! >> are you kidding me right nowi look at that.ght at at. >> like robin leach and -- - >> it really is.. lifestyles of the rich andes o famous.famous >> looking over to rosslyn,, beautiful rosslyn across theshe river. right there. .. that way >> look at them. tm >> where are your cocktails people?peop >> need that. >> are they --d thhe-- >> the view is priceless.ricele. >> yeah it is they're doingdoing early happy hour for us this morning.rning. >> there's the happy. the requeue the happy right there. e [ laughter ] ] >> we'll check in with them in i little they're obviously having a goodi time. first, though, let's go ahead and see what is
10:03 am
beautiful friday morning. mor first up, of course, it'supf hollywood's big gift night twoit days away academy awards will bl handed out sunday night in losns angeles. and for movie fans, that meansts it's super bowl weekend and juss like the real super bowl almosts nothing is guaranteed this year. kevin mccarthy says that x x factor plus jimmy kimmel hosting debut could make this year'ss ceremony a must watch especialla compared to some of the otherf ones in recent years. yrs. this morning kevin is sharing si his predictions for the majorajr categories so all right. looking spiffy you're ready for the award ceremony.ony let's go ahead and start with director.director. >> by the way i do want to wan t mention i watch hundreds -- oveo 100 movies a year and being able to like opinion it down to onen award show, see all the awards d kimmel hosting as you mentioned, my dog's name is oscar very vy exciting night for me. i'll wear this tuxedo the whole time.. >> best director holly as yous y just mentioned this is an this n interesting category. there is a 32-year-old
10:04 am
category named damien chazelle an absolute genius film maker ii think he's going to take homekem the oscar which i believe willel make him the youngest person to ever win best director at the te academy awards.ward he directed la la land.and this is my will win and should l win in this category.y he is phenomenal.. whiplash was his first major it was that movie he wrote w whiplash because he couldn't ged la la land la la land was a six-year six-ye passion project that no one no would make.ul mak so out of anger he wrotero whiplash. making la lag l land with the right actors he wanted to have in ryan goslingni and emma stone it's nominatedomd for 14 academy awards which tiet the record with all about eve as well as titanic. so best definitely going to be la laoioe land.nd i think it will be damienen chazelle. >> showing passion certainly paying off. pas let's talk about suppaporting sg actor tegory >> listen, i think moonlight iss brilliant film i think when thii is going to come down in thehe will win should win i have
10:05 am
as my will w i think he's mazing actor ictor loved him in house of cards. and i think that overall it'svei going to be an incredible night for mascher shell ali moonlight is amazing movienl my should win interestingly enough as i put lucas hedges from manchester bye the sea now.sea . the interesting thing for me in moonlight i thought there were better performance and than alia the actor who's played shy ron it's such an ensemble cast thatt ali is barely in the movie. i know the actors have wone won awards before for being in then film for like less than ten t minutes et cetera but in myn my opinion when it comes tocomes awarding somebody a supportingpo actor award, i look at lucas luc hedges performance in manchestee by the sea as a bette supporting role.orng r but again, the good side abouteo this for me at least i want w moonlight to win an so if it wins in any category, r think it's going to win here inn the supporting category ony o sunday night. so we'll ali should win is lucas
10:06 am
>> what about supporting actress? >> this is easy this is you is o willy lock of the night in my opinion. if this goes to someone else i'm going to beo so shocked.hock absolutely shocked. shocked. this is going to viola davis in my opinion for fences, and she's so amazing in this film. the way she -- emotes on screen the crying element everything she does is incredible.s incrl she played this character onct stage with denzel washington.aso they were amazing together.r. apparently on stage from theaget video footage i've seen they were amazing in the film. she's my will win and my shouldo win. i'm telling you right now, thisi scene at the end when she breakk down in front of him is one of the most incredibly emotional en moments i've seen in a film in n long time. time. that will win her the oscar insi my opinion. >> when it comes to bestmy o act casey affleck was the at tan falcons through three quarters of the super bowl. theer b >> exactly that's a good point,t e.eve. leading up to i would say the golden globe awards and then the sag awards, casey affleck was the guaranteed frontrunner.
10:07 am
the oscars.ars he had the mow moan tum.n tum. the campaigning was perfect.. he never won before. he won the globe, krohn criticss choice and then all of a suddend this little known actor named denzel snuck in and won the sag award a couple weeks ago, and it changed everything.. so now my prediction is actually going to be denzel washington. and listen i think denzel deserve it. i i think it's one of the bestof s performances of his career.his e my will win that evening isvenis going to be denzel and he's alss my should win.uld w i think he's the bestes performance of last year from aa male actor.ctor. i thought he was fantastic in wc the movie. i do think that denzel is just a better performance overall.ra that's why he'll win but, again, casey affleck could sneak inneai he was the frontrunner for a f long time. long time. i'm curious how voters are going toote.e. but the key thing here is that the sag awards over the last tet years the winner at sag in the
10:08 am
to win best actor at the oscarsc >> all right. what does that mean for best actress? >> okay. see that's interesting you say that because i'm actuallynterecu looking at dse iifferent numberf that one which is fascinatingcii because those are good numbersbe for actors. actors. right so with the actress actres category this is to me thee t hardest category to predict.. because, again, like you you mentioned the falcons steve sve leaving into the academy award season natalie portman was theat falcons crushing along,g along everybody was saying had he sawa going to win for jackie. isabel la won for e at the globo them emma stone won for the sagg awards.. so interestingly enough the t globes have predicted the bestts actress award eight out of the t last ten years. years. the sags have predict the it it seven out of the last ten years. in in regards to actressctress category.cate. i'm still going with emma stoneo even though it's against those numbers. i think that she's going to winw she deserves the award.. she's my will win, should winuln she's phenomenal in la la land n and i think she's going to takee home her first ross this yearr i'm super excited to see i
10:09 am
wins. her speech will be amazing. amai i think she truly deserves itvet and she's my will win, should sd win. win. >> all right. rig what about best picture?icre >> and this is a toss up. allison seymour and i have a beb going on, because when it comesm to this film, la la land has the mow moan tum in regards to bestt picture because it has 14 nominations. it ties the all-time record witt all about eve and titanic. so interesting thing to note hidden figures won the sag ensemble.mb golden globe drama went to moonlight only because la lanlys land was not in tehat category. musical comedy my will win should win here isue la la land. i wish the right hasn't poster e on that screen was dead pool anl i mentioned this million times.m i think it should have beenit s nominated.houl even jim knee kimmel w ho is i hosting the show said that thatt movie deserved to be nominated d lot of that because they don't understand like the majority of movie goers loved that movie..
10:10 am
hypocritical la la land made $341 million.41illi >> maybe since kimmel is hosting he'll do a tribute to dead poolp throughout the show.rout t >> here's my hope. hop ryan reynolds tweeted that heede was on an airplane, it was was pretty not safe for work tweet go to his twitter page.e but i'm wondering because herine lives in new york i believe. bee so i'm wondering if he's going to the oscars.he oar i wonder if jimmy will do something with him because i think a lot of people were genuinely shocked that dead pooo didn't get nominated because ite all had the awards leading up to nominations and wga and pga. a's everything didn't get nominated. >> kevin -- enough with dead- eu pool. we get it. let's talk about batman versuser superman real super heroes herer let's talk about super heroes with cashae. case. >> did you just cut me off off during dead pool. come on, man. m. >> we don't get paid by the byhe word. >> let's go. ards given been awards given out for this amazing movie that talking about, white
10:11 am
>> batman versus superman nominated far ton of razz cease. i love loved batman versussu superman. amazing action razz cease are tuning in whole idea the hate tread on thetrea everyone crushed that film andhd wanted it to be failure even e though it wasn't.thou but, yes, batman versus supermar license taking home probably a a lot of razzie awards. >> kev, i know -- know -- >> best worse movie.rse movie. >> i know you give me a hardyovm time for making fun of la laf land without seeing it yet but t will say this. i did see batman versus superman twice once in english once in spanish i didn't like it in any language. >> kevin, i that movie it was great. >> why would you watch it inld sp yanish. >> i was on an airplane.asn an >> that's all that was available. >> just to add to your hatr edr hatr the way i watch movies.ov i watched it in a differentfere language on airplane on a 6-incc screen. >> you really haven't seen thehe movie good i watch it in englisg p on a big screen i didn't liket it either. let me ask you this real quick.i i know the oscars is your superp bowl you talk about watching wcn were you hundred plu
10:12 am
every year to get it.t it to the oscar the best b representation of the movie oth awards or a different award shoo better. >> no, oscars are toe terrible l representation of movies in my m opinion. >> thank you, kevin. t >> all right.hank>> aight >> enough movie talk. >> 10:12 is the time right now.n first family of hiphop and thiss morning they are live in the t loft coming up the stars of thet new bravo reality show they'rehe here. talk about the new era of their they're music emp that's coming up next. 10:12. we'll be right back.'ll ♪♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪♪ >> aw. >> i felt like i had to get that out of the way right out of the gate. before labels like rockefeller bad boy and murder ink were on the scene one label that was king, that was sugar hill record is. hay it was founded in riges limurdov the way for commercial rap withi hits like rappers delight and ad grand master flash's white lines. >> i can't think of the next line. [ laughter ] hat ndar founders of that legeny label are back in the spotlightg with a new reality show on brava called "the first family of hiphop". >> take look. >> grandmother and my grandmo grandfather started sugar hill.l >> first hiphop record labella erer. >> we are the first family ofamf >> sugar hill!l! ♪ ♪♪ >> your mother laid the the foundation with making records. sugar hill records broke ope
10:16 am
the rap industry it opened it up to more than just like the urban community.mmun >> ya'll are music. >> rappers delight. r >> message. mesge. >> apache. isn't white lines.e >> hit after hit after hit. aert >> without sugar hill they'll bl no def jam new york city rockefeller no bad boy. boy. ne o of you. that's just facts. facts >> right now sugar hill has flat lined.d. >> you just -- >> as you can see the show chronicles tu heca new err are a sugar hill as they try to run r the label the next generation oo hiphop. here now to tell us all about it please welcome the first familyf of hiphop we're talking about ii case you don't know who they are lady luck. l >> that's me. >> all right. darnell. >> that's me. >> all right. >> we got that. >>.at a maya shot some of you. >> reece.eece. >> say that again reece. >> teeny ellington. they're all here. good morning. thank you very much for coming in. ry mngnk you for having us.they >> we just saw a l fitortle hb history of this is basically the foundation for hiphop.
10:17 am
eight which in my mine was the e first rap song ever.songr. >> ever.r >> all right. rig. we're on tv. trying to keep the record labell alive.e >> thank god. >> is that what the whole showth is about?bout? >> drama, keeping it alive? ave >> is it kind of like empire? ? that's what i'm trying to get at. at >> it is. >> it is empire. >> and some game of thrones.f th little game of thrones.of thr >> empire and game of thrones.t. >> yes. >> okay. >> tell me about the role thatot each of one you play in this thi reality show. >> um, me, i'm an artist.rtt. i'm trying to you know make my m father see my vision, you know, the way i think sugar hillarl should be and the way it shouldd go, you know, just everybody goy talent i just feel like, youikey know, we that new thing and um,u i just want him to see that.. so in the family i'm the renaissance man.e. i do lot of the business for sugarhill for booking sugar hilh gang. ga >> right.. >> for scorpio, grand master, furious five.s five. that's all on me
10:18 am's it. i'm an artist. at. i got my album out.ut >> you got -- everybody got a lot going on. >> we'll go down the line. l >> who is next. >> the love of his life. >> okay. >> hey. >> that's major role right >> we should put a period righta there. >> the end. [ laughter ] >> lady luck, what about you?ut? >> oh, man. well, i'm a writer and i rap onp the show me and his sister lea. we wrote a great album togethere shout out to alicia nelson i'm a producer i had the rap on thenhe show so all of a sudden ialof as started rapping, but i'm the ono that's trying to get this family together. i'm the heart of this family. ka okay. >> we all argue.>> wall we all get into it but make upau and love each other. other >> what about you.>> what ab >> it's family first. fir at the rental of the day. r well for me i'm the love of hera life and she's the lovi'em th o. >> what? >> however, we are building ouro own record label within what'sna going on. >> gotcha.ota >> and our record label calledce larosa entertainment also be aoa film and television productiondu house. what's exciting about this showo
10:19 am
is that unlike other family faml shows, we're really showing the .eal. like all the hitter chatter that happens inside the house, thists is -- this is really happening.. >> okay.. >> but -- it's not made up. up. >> no, no. >> when those two get at orr these three, it's exciting.. >> it's closer to a docu seriese >> a lot of music and talent.en >> everybody this reality thingt it's like i feel like it's a new definition to reality tv.v they make up these situations.u. taken add little bit. >> been taint add little bit.adb >> everybody here is talented. >> everybody here is talented. >> we heard about some of the sf songs in the beginning from thii record some of the historicc songs in the record. >> rappers delight by the sugarb hill gang.y hi >> um-hmm. >> all right. apache. ee better hurry up w got breaking news that could happenu at any moment now.. white lines by grand masterrand flash. m >> yes. >> is this the true story, the he sugar hill gang did not wanted n to the message. the message. >> that's right. >> y
10:20 am
>> so they passed it on to grand master flash and furious fiveio they didn't want to do it. >> they threw it in the burbs. r >> they threw it in the burbs. b high-ranking family member talked them into yeaeah. >> your grandmother talked themt into it hehe said if it's good o enough for her it's good enougho for me. >> that's how it went down. wenw that's how history is made. made >> that's so cool.>> that's so c such a great story. sto >> it started -- >> let's not get into it, a i woman started this. let's not forget ladies run it.i okay j. j >> right. >> hiphop an bravo.. >> my aunts they watching.s th t ch gotcha. i was going to do some rap forp ya'll.l >> whoa! ng to do. to but i think we're out of time. isn't so as i go i'm going tooi leave you -- well -- >> out going to throw in rhyme. but i'm out of time. >> there was going to be a to ba little rapper's delight but ourr time is just too tight. >> oh! >> as ya'll leave i'll throw iti over to steve.
10:21 am
>> ♪♪♪ >> wis, thank you very much. we have to sweep gears we want to get to national harbor rightn nowal at cpac where president pt trauma system just about to begin speaking we want to go there and now we'll listen insti at president talks as he's approaching the podium right non to speak to the folks of cpacf a and of course this being carrier all across the country.ountry let's listen in. i [ applause ] >> thank you, everybody.rybo thank you. y [ cheers and applause ] >> great to be back at [ cheers and applause ] >> the place i have really -- we lodge you.e >> i love this place. p [ cheers and applause ] >> love you people. peopl so thank you. thank you very much.ank you ve first of all i want to thank thk matt sclapp and his very, very incred
10:22 am
mercedes who have been fantastit friends and supporters, and so o great when i watch them on o television defending me, nobodyb hacha chance. so i want to thank matt and mercedes.rcedes [ applause ] >> and when matt called and asked, i said, absolutely i'llyi be there with you.behe i mean the real reason i said it, i didn't want him to goim t against me, because that -- thaa one you can't beat. bt. so i said absolutely.oluty. and it really is an honor to be here.he i wouldn't miss a chance to talk to my friends.. these are my friends.rids [ cheers and applause ] >> and we'll see you again nextx year and the year after that. t. i'll be doing this -- i'll be doing this with cpac whenever i can and ale make
10:23 am
a lot. you know if you remember my m first major speech -- sit down,, everybody. come [ laughter ] >> you know the dishonest mediaa they'll say, he didn't get at a standing ovation. ovation you know why? -- you know why? because everybody stood andto nobody sat. so they will say he never got aa standing ovation.tion. [ laughter ]ht >> right. [ cheers and applause ] >> they are the worst. [ cheers and applause ] >> usa! >> usa! usa! [ cheers and applause ] >> so -- sit down. dow donald trump did not get a standing ovation.on [ laughter ] >> they leave out
10:24 am
never sat down.ow they leave that out. o so i just want to thank -- mynky first major speech was at cpac a and probably five or six years s first major political speech, and you were there and it was -- i loved it.vedt. i love the people.eople. i loved the commotion and thenne they did these polls where ihe i went through the roof and if a i wasn't even running.. right? righ [ laughter ]t? >> but it gave me an idea. and i got a little bit concernee when i saw what was happening ii the country, and i said, let'sdt go to it. so it was very exciting.xcitg. i walked the stage on cpac.n cpa i'll never forget it really.. i had very little notes and even less preparation.reparation. [ laughter ] >> so when you have practically no notes and no preparation andd then you leave and everybody waw thrilled, i said, i think i like this business. [ laughter ] >> i would have come last year,a but i was worried that i
10:25 am
be at that time too controversial. we wanted border security.ury. we wanted very very strong military. we wanted all of the things that we're going to get and people pl consider that controversial, bub you didn't consider itonside controversial. [ applause ]cont so i've been with cpac for longl time. all of these yea. we've been together and now youu finally have a president, finally, took i was long [ cheers and applause ]eers a >> took i was long time.e. patriots like that you made it i happen, believe me. believe me.e. you did it because you love your country, because you want aant better future for your children, and because you want to makee america great again! aga [ cheers and applause ] >> the media didn't think
10:26 am
would win. win >> the pundants -- you're rightt they had an idea. the pundants didn't think we'd win. the consultants that suck up all that money, oh, they suck it,su they're so [ laughter ] >> they're not good at politicsl but they're really good atd sucking up people's money.ey [ laughter ]uger [ applause ] >> especially my opponentsppen because i kept them down toown t minimum.. but the consultants didn't thint we would win. but they all underestimated thee power of the people, you, and the people proved them tolllyll wrong. [ applause ] >> never -- and this is so trueu and this is what's been never underestimate the people. [ applause ] t i don't think it will ever hahippent wi again. again. [ applause ]
10:27 am
>> i want you all to know thatnt we are fighting the fake news.s. it's fake. phony, fake.ake [ cheers and applause ] >> a few days ago i called thehe fake news the enemy of thefhe people and they are.y a they are the enemy of the ofhe people. [ applause ] >> because they have no sourcesc they just make them up whenp whe there are 91.1. i saw one story recently whereye they said, nine people have confirmed. there are no nine people. ppl i don't believe there was one oh two people.. nine people.oe. i said, give me a because i know the i know who they talk to. t there were no nine people.eopl but they say nine people.. and somebody reads and theyy think, oh, nine people, theye, y have nine sources. they make uphave sources. ses they're very dishonest people.el in fact in covering my comments, the dishonest media did not n explain that i called the fakeak news the enemy of the
10:28 am
the fake news. they dropped off the word "fake" and all of a sudden the storyto became the media is the enemy. . they take the word "fake" out ot and now i'm saying, oh, no. n this is no good. but that's the way they are.. so i'm not against the media.. i'm not against the press. pre i don't mind bad stories if i deserve them, and i tell you, ii love good stories, but we won't go. i don't get too many of them.t [ applause ]th >> but i am only against the fake news media or press. fake.fake. fake. they have to leave that word.or i'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources.s they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name.ame let their name be put out theree let their name be put out.ut
10:29 am
>> a source says that donalde sa trump is a horrible horrible human being. being. let them say it to my face. fac [ applause ] >> let there be no more sourcess and remember this. thi not in all cases. i mean i had a story written yesterday about me in reuters bb a very honorable a very fair story. there are some great reporters e around. there are talented, they're honest as the day is long. they're great. great. but there's some terrible dishonest people, and they do a tremendous disservice to our country and to our people a tremendous disservice.rv they are very dishonest people,, and they shouldn't use sources.c they shall put the name of theoe person. you will see stories dry up likk you've never seen before. bef so you have no idea how bad itat is, because if you are not partr of the story, and i put myself in your
10:30 am
because many of you're not partr of the story, and if you're notn part of the story, you know, kn, then you sort of know if you are part of the story, you know whaw they're saying is true or not. so when they make it up, and they make up something else, ana you saw that before the election, polls, polls, the polls, they come out with thesee polls, and everybody was soas s actually a couple of polls got s it right. it i must say los angeles times did a great job. shocking 'cause, you know, theye did a great job. j [ applause ] >> and we had couple of other that is were but generally speaking i mean ia can tell you the network somebody said a poll came out.. i say what network is it? and they'll say, a certain -- let'st not even mention names, right? shall we?alle? >> well, off lot of them.
10:31 am
look, the clinton news networkrk is one. o [ applause ] >> take a look. honestly, take a look at their r polls over the last two years. now you'd think they'd fire thet polster, right? after years ana years of getting battered, but i... i mean who knows? maybe? e they're just bad at or maybe they're not legit. but it's one or the other.ther look how inaccurate -- look atoa cbs, look at abc, also, look at nbc, take look at some of thesee pos.s. they're so bad so inaccurate.. and what that does it creates a false narrative.tive it creates like this narrative that's just like, we're note'ren going to win people say i love trump but i'm not feeling greate today. to he can't win. so i won't go and vote.ot i won't go and vote. ve. it creates a whole false feelsee and we have to fight it, folks.. we have to fight it. it. they're very smart. they're very c
10:32 am
dishonest so just to conclude, i mean, it's a very sensitiveve topic.. and they get upset when we expop their false stories.ei they say thar t we can't critice their dishonest coverage becausu of the first amendment. amend you know they always bring up bp the first amendment.mendment. [ laughter ][ >> and i love the firsthe fst amendment.enent. nobody knows -- loves it bettert than me.ane [ laughter ] >> nobody. [ applause ][ plau >> i mean, who uses it more that i do? but the first amendment d gives all of us, it guess it to me, it gives it to you allou all americans the right to speak ouo minds freely. it gives you the right and me the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly. [ applause ] >> and many of these groups are part of the large media corporations that have their own agenda, and it's not your agenda
10:33 am
agenda. it's not the countri' as jennjen today. it's their own agenda. they have a professional obligation as members of the press to report but as you saw throughout the entire campaign, and even now, the fake news doesn't tell the truth.h >> liars! >> doesn't tell the truth. so just in finishing, i say it i doesn't represent the people. p. it never will represent the people.le. and we're going to do somethings about it, because we have to gog out and we have to speak ourpeur minds and we have to be honest. our victory was a win like lik nobody has ever seen before. bef [ cheers and applause ] >> and i'm here fighting for yo and i will continue to fight for you. the victory and the win was something that really was dedicated
10:34 am
people that believe in freedom, security and the rule of law. >> yes! >> our victory -- [ applause ] > o >> -- was a victory and a win n for conservative values. [ applause ] >> and our victory was a win for everyone who believes it's timem to stand up for america, toca, stand up for the american workee and to stand up for the american flag! [ cheers and applause ] >> there we should stand up.nd . come on.n [ cheers and applause ] >> there we shall stand up. okay. by the way, we love our by the way, you folks are in
10:35 am
there are lines that go back six blocks and i tell that youou because you won't read about it, okay? but there are lines thata go back six blocks.. there's such love in thisin thi country for everything we standd for. you saw on election day. [ applause ] >> and you're going see it moret and more. mor so we're all part of this very historic movement, a movementov the likes of which actually thee world has never seen before. there's never been anything likn this. plauplause ] >> there's been some movementson but there's never been anythingy like this. li there's been some movements that petered out like bernie. petered out. o [ laughter ]er >> but it was a little riggede d against him.agains super delegate.egate. super delegate.. she had so many delegates beforb the thing even started.g evenrt. i actually said to my people, pl how does that happen? hpen? [ laughter ] >> not that i'm a fan of berniee but lost bernie people voted fof trump. you know why? because he'
10:36 am
right on one issue.. trade. trade. he was right about trade. tde our country is being absolutely devastated with bad trade deals. so he was right about that but t we got a lot of bernie support.p so actually i like bernie.ere. okay? i like bernie.ernie [ applause ] >> but i'm here today to tell you what this movement means to the future of the republican party. and for the future of america.c. first, we need to define what wa this great, great unprecedented movement is, and what it actually represents. the core conviction of our o movement is that we are a nation that put and will put its own citizens first. first. [ cheers and applause ]
10:37 am
usa! >> usa! >> usa! >> for two long we've tradedg wr away our jobs to other countries. so terrible. nationsfensed other borders while leaving ours widee open anybody can come in. bill that wall! >> we're going to bill the wall. don't worry about it. i we're building the wall. wal we're building the in fact it will start soon. soo way ahead of schedule.chul [ applause ] >> way ahead of schedule. schul. [ applause ] >> way, way, way ahead of schedule.he it's going to start very soon.e. general kelly by the way hasw done a fantastic job.stic j [ applause ] >> fantastic.ic job he's done. and remember, we are getting the bad on
10:38 am
these are bad dudes. dud we're getting the bad ones out.. okay? we're getting the bad --- if you watch these people, it's like, oh, gee that's so sad.s ad we're getting bad people out ofo this country. people that shouldn't be whether it's drugs or murder or otherer things, we're getting bad onesae out. those are the ones they go go first. firs i said it from day one.. basically all i've done is keep my promise.mise [ applause ] >> we've spent trillions of dollars overseas while allowingn our own infrastructure to fallal into total disrepair and decay.y in the middle east, we've spentt as of four weeks ago $6 trillion. tion. boo! thinknk of it. >> boo! >> by the way, the middle eastas is in -- i mean it's not even
10:39 am
it's in much worse shape than it was 15 years ago. if our presidents would haved he gone to the beach for 15 years,s we would be in much better shapa than we are right now. that i can tell i can te [ applause ]you >> hell of a lot better.te we could have rebuilt our o country three times with that money. s the situation that i inn i her ren.he. i inn her rented a mess, believe me. we also inn her rented a failed health care law that threatens our medical system with absolute and total catastrophe.. now, i've been watching an wat nobody says it but obama carear doesn't work, folks.ol i can say, i can talk it doesn'e work and now people are starting to develop little -- warm up bup the people you're
10:40 am
they're not you. they're largely p.m. of them arf the side that lost.ost. they lost the election.leio it's like how many elections dot we haveio to have? they lost te but i always say, obama carear doesn't work.or and these same people two yearso ago an year ago were complaining about obama care.. and the bottom line, we'rere changing it.ging we're going make it much bettert we're going make it less ls expensive. we're going to make it much better. obama care covers very few people.ople. and remember, deduct from the te number all of the people that t had great health care that theye loved that was taken away from them. [ applause ] >> was taken aware from them. te [ applause ] >> millions of people were veryr happy with their health care. c they had their doctor, they hadd their plan, remember the lie, 28 times, you can keep
10:41 am
you can keep your plan over and over and over again you her it. lies!! >> we're going do repeal and ror place obama [ cheers and applause ] >> and i tell paul ryan and alla of the folks we're working with very hard, dr. tom price, veryey talented guy. [ applause ] >> but i tell them, from a a purely political standpoint, the single best thing we can do is nothing.g. let it implode completely.ometel it's already imploding. you see the carrier.s are all leaving. i mean it's a disaster. but two years don't do anything. democrats will come to us and beg for help. they'll beg and it's theirt'she problem but it's not the rightit
10:42 am
people. pe it's not the right thing to do.t [ applause ] >> we inherited a national debtb that has doubled in eight years. think of it. $20 trillion.trilli. it's and we inherit add foreign for policy marked by one disasterr after another.noth we don't win any more when was a the last time we wouldn't? dide we win a war? did w we winwi anything. >> did we win anything? we're going to win. we're going to win big,to folkss we're going to start winning w again. believe me. we're going to win. 're going to [ applause ] w usa! usa! usa!! >> but we're taking a firm, bold and decisive we have to, to turn things around.. the era of empty talk
10:43 am
[ applause ] ] >> it's over. over. now is the time for action. actn so let me tell you about the actions that we're taking right now to deliver on our promise tt the american people and on my promise to make america great again.ain. we've taken swift and strong son action to secure the southernour border of the united states and to begin the construction of a great, great border wall.rall. [ applause ] >> by doing this, and with the t help of our great border policec with the help of ice, with the help of general kelly and all oo the people that are soo passionate about this, our border patrol i'll tell was they do, they came endorsed m
10:44 am
came and endorsed me.e. they never endorsed presidentiaa candidate before.idatbefo they might not be allowed to. [ laughter ] >> but they were disgusted withe were they d saw.. and we'll stop it. it. we'll stop the drugs from f pouring into our nation andionnd poisoning our youth.outh >> thank you!nk you! [ applause ][ applse ] >> pouring in. pouring in.. >> we get the drugs. dgs they get the money.oney. we get the problems, they get gt the cash.h. no good.oo no good. gd. going to stop.toto by stopping the flow of illegal immigration, we will saveav countless textiles and that's sa important because the tax, the t dollars that we're losing are ae beyond anything that you can imagine. and the tax dollars that can bee used to rebuild strugglingg american communities including our inner cities..
10:45 am
[ applause ] >> we are also going to save s countless american lives. ameri. as we speak today immigrationrai officers are finding the gang gg members, the drug dealers and the criminal aliens and throwini them the hell out of our country! [ cheers and applause ] >> and we will not let them bacc in. they're not coming back in, folks.folk [ applause ] >> they do, they'll have biggera prveoblems than they ever dreamt of.. i'm also working with the the department of justice to begin reducing violent crime. i mean can you believe what's w' happening in chicago as an example? two days ago, sevenevn people were shot.t i believe killed. kille seven people. seven people. chicago, a great american c
10:46 am
seven people shot and kill. k we will support the incrediblebe men and women of law enforcement. [ applause ] >> thank you. and thank them.he i've also followed through onhro night campaign promise and a withdrawn america from thehe transpacific partnership.ip [ applause ] >> so that we can protect ourur economic freedom and we're goini to make trade deals but we'lle' doing one-on-one, one-on-one if they misbehave we termi
10:47 am
deal and they'll come back and d we'll make a better deal. 91 these big quack meyer dealsea that are a disaster. disaster. take a look at nafta one the worse deals made by any country having to do with economic g. it's economic undevelopment ascn far as our country is concern.o we're preparing to repeal and replace the disaster known asnoa obama care.are. we're going to save americansris from this crisis, and give theme the access to the quality healtt care they need and deserve. we have authorized the construction, one day, of the keystone and dakota accessacss pipeline. [ applause ] >> and issued a new rule thishi took place while i was getting g ready to sign, i said, who makes the pipes for the pipeline? ele? well, sir, it comes from all frl over the world. world isn't that wonderful.. i said, nope, it comes from the
10:48 am
building it. [ cheers and applause ] >> american steel.teel. >> if they want a pipeline in the united states, they're going to use pipe that's made in the t united states.s. do we agree? agr [ applause ] >> but can you imagine, i toll this story other day. day can you imagine the gentlemanenm never met him don't know the k name of his company, i actuallyy sort of know it but i want toant get it exactly correct, big big powerful company.ny they spent hundreds of millionsi of dollars on the pipeline.elin same thing with the dakota. dot different place. they got approvals, everythingrh in the case of dakota then all of a sudden they couldn't connect it becauseud tdehen y hh people protesting that never thn showed up before. befor but with the keystone, so they t spent hundreds of millions of o dollars with blood suckerr consultants.ulta sucking the blood out of the
10:49 am don't worry, i used them all myy life, okay, don't worry, we're,e going to get it approved, i'm connected, i'm a lobbyist, don't worry, bottom line, obama didn'd sign it. right? could be 42,000 jobs0ob somewhere around there. there a of jof jobs. didn't sign it. it. but can you imagine, he gave upu a year ago. it was dead. now he's doing nothing. notng calling his wife, hello darlingg i'm a little bored.le bor you know that pipeline that kill us, that killed our company. knock, knock, mr. so and so, the keystone pipeline, sir, out off nowhere has just been approved. w whoo! >> now, can you imagine the expression and you know the sad part, the same blood sucking consultants that hit him for ala the money and failed they're non going to go back to him and says didn't we do great job, we want more money. right? because that's the wayst the system works. systeorks. little bit off.lile b but that's the way the system works.
10:50 am
lift the restrictions on american energy, including shala oil, natural gas and beautiful clean cole and we'll put our miners back to work.or miners are going back to work.or [ applause ] >> miners are going back to t work, folks. fks sorry to tell you that but that they're going back to work. wor we have begun a historic prograr to reduce the regulations that are crushing our economy.comy crush. [ applause ]ause ] >> and not only our economy,no, crushing our jobs, because companies can't hire.'tir we're going to put the regulation industry out of worko and out of busess. buses [ applause ] >> and by the way, i
10:51 am
regulation.tion i want to protect our environment.en i want regulations for safety.. i want all of the regulationsns that we need and i want them tot be so strong and so tough. tgh but we don't need 75% of the repetitive, horrible regulations that hurt companies, hurt jobs, make us non-competitive overseas with other companies from other countries.coun that we don't needtr but we're e going to have regulations.reguls going to be really strong and ad really good and we're going dooi protect our environment andonnta we're going to protect thehe safety of our people and our our workers.s. okay? [ applause ]ok >> another major promise is taxx reform. we're going to massively lower taxes on the middle class,ss reduce taxes on american business, and make our tax coded more simple and much more fare for everyone including
10:52 am
[ applause ] >> in anticipation of these anda other changes, jobs are already starting to pour back into ourin country. you see that. in fact i think i did more than any other pre-president.side. they say president-elect. president-elect is meeting withh ford meeting with chrysler, meem wig general motors.ots i just wanted to save a littleit time. [ laughter ] >> because ford and fiatnd f chrysler, general motors, sprint, intel, and so many others, are now because of the election result making majorajor invest manies in the united
10:53 am
hiring more workers and they're going back to michigan andgan they're going become to ohio ani they're going back too pennsylvania and they're going i back to north carolina and to florida. [ applause ] >> it's time for all ofll o americans to get off of welfarew and get back to work.ok. you're going to love it. love i you're going to love it.e it. [ cheers and applause ]eers >> you're going to love a it. i [ applause ] >> we're also putting in an massive budget request for our beloved military! [ cheers and applause ] >> and we will be substantially upgrad
10:54 am
all of our military offensive,v, defensive, everything, biggerge and better and stronger than ever before and hopefully we'lll never have to use it.t. but nobody is going to mess with us, folks. nobody. [ cheers and applause ] >> it will be one of theofhe greatest military build ups in i american history. no one will dare question as a they have been because we'rebese very depleted, very very depleted, sequester. nobody will dare question our military might again.gain we believe in peace through t strength and that's what we will have. have [ applause ]
10:55 am
>> as part of the my pledge toyd restore safety for the american people, i have also directed the defense community to develop a a plan to totally obliterate isis. [ applause ] >> working with our allies, wel, will eradicate this evil fromilm the face of the earth. ear [ applause ] >> at the same time we fully ful understand that nationalt natial security begins with border security.ty. foreign terrorists will will the will mott be able to strikeo str america if they cannot get intot our country. [ applause ] >> by the way take a look what'a happening in europe folks. fks i took a t of heat on sweden. se and then a day
10:56 am
has anybody reported what's going on? o >> no, they haven't. >> it turn out that the didn't -- not too many of them m did. take look at what happened inn edenen. i love sweden. swe great country.great . great people.t pe i love sweden but they arehey ar understand i'm right.nd i the people over there understant i'm right.i' take look at what's happening in sweden. take look at what's happening in germany.. take look at what's happened in take look at nice and paris. i have friend. fen he's a very very substantial y guy. he loves the city of lights.y ot he loves paris. for years every year during the summer he would go to paris. automatic with his wife and his i hadn't seen him in while. wle and i said, jim, let me ask you a how is paris doing? paris! i! don't go there any more. mor paris is no longer paris. that was four years. yea four or five years hasn't gon
10:57 am
he wouldn't miss it for anything. now he doesn't even think invent terms of going there.. take a look at what's happening to our world, folks. >> -- in a matter of days, we e will be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep america safe.a safe. you will see the
10:58 am
i will never ever apologize for protecting the safety and security of the american people. i won't do it.t. [ applause ] >> if it means i get bad press, if it means people speak badly of me, it's okay. it doesn't bother me. the security of our people is number one. is number [ applause ] >> our administration is running with great efficiency, even though i still don't have my cabinet approved. >> boo!oo >> nobody mentions that. >> boo! >> i still have people out there waiting to be approved. everyone knows they'll bey'll approve.prov it's just a delay, delay, delay. it's really sad.. it's really sad.. these are great people. these are some great people.ple. we still don't have our cabinet. i assume we're setting records for that. that's the only thing good about it we're setting records.ds. i love setting r
10:59 am
[ laughter ] >> but i hate having a cabinetet meeting and i see all thesese empty seats. democrats, please, approve our cabinet, and get smart on health care, too.. if you don't mine. [ applause ] >> but we're taking meetings every day with top leaders in business, in science and yesterday i had 29 of the biggest business leaders in thee world in my office. caterpillar tractor, campbell's soup, we had everybody.. we had everybody.. i like campbell's soup. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> we had everybody. and we came to a lot of veryy good conclusions and a lot of o those folks that are in thatt room will be building big big massive new plants and lots off jobs and you know what they'llyl be building them in thisn country, not in some other country.. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're meeting with unions,
11:00 am
we're meeting with leaders fromm all around the world. where the white house doors used to be totally closed, they were closed, folks, you don't realize that, they were closed.d. they're now wide open and they're open for people doing business for our country and putting people to work.. [ applause ] >> when they come into the white house, we're translating these meetings into action. one by one we're checking off the promises we made to the people of the united states. one by one. a lot of promises.s. [ applause ] >> and we will not stop until the job is done.. we will reduce your daxs. we will cut your regulations. we will support our police.


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